Product Ordering Guide


  • Ordering is just the same, available ex stock to all main locations by direct delivery from Quick Smart Products on:
    03 9338 6655, Fax 03 9335 2699 or email
  • Our familiar 20 Litre stackable drums fit all workshop pumps or taps; easy for your customers.
  • Also available in 205 Litres, 1000 Litres IBC cubes, 5 Litres and 1 Litre top up and promo packs.
  • Prices are currently unchanged from your old Roadranger prices as at December 2016.
  • For your systems – part numbers are as below and on the label with the barcode.
  • Safety Compliance Note: All RoadTRANS packaging and labels are fully compliant with latest UN requirements that are now mandatory in Australia.
 Product  20L 1L 5L 205L 1000L
 MOQ Preferred  24 36 24 1 1
 RoadTRANS MTF PS-386  RSL PS386-20 RSL PS386-1 RSL PS386-5 RSL PS386-205 RSL PS386-1000
 RoadTRANS 80W-140  RSL 80W140-20 RSL 80W140-1 RSL 80W140-5 RSL 80W140-205 RSL 80W140-1000
 RoadTRANS 75W-90FE  RSL 75W90FE-20 RSL 75W90FE-1 RSL 75W90FE-5 RSL 75W90FE-205 RSL 75W90FE-1000