Product Guide

Customer Product Guide Summary for Parts & Service People

Roadranger is now OBSOLETE and no longer available                                                                        NEW RoadTRANS is ready to order now


  • RoadTRANS MTF PS-386  synthetic transmission fluid is  a new formula replacing the old Roadranger SAE50 now obsolete.
  • RoadTRANS MTF PS-386 is fully approved by Eaton and clearly displays the Eaton seal of approval on its distinctive new label. This approval is essential for warranty and extended drain servicing.
  • New RoadTRANS MTF PS-386 is fully compatible/mixes with the old Roadranger SAE50, so no flushing required.
  • A full description/specification is clearly on the label and in Technical Data and SDS sheets.



  • To complement the switch to RoadTRANS the same synthetic gear oils for drive axles have been rebranded into the new RoadTRANS style. So for axles, only the label has changed.
  • There is no change to the formulation/specification of these OEM Approved Gear Lubricants – they are exactly the same – approved for maximum extended drains in both Meritor and DANA axles in all trucks as well as all GL5 applications in commercial vehicles.